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PolarRadiusAxisCollection Class Members
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FarPoint.Win.Chart Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Chart Namespace : PolarRadiusAxisCollection Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by PolarRadiusAxisCollection.

Public Properties

Public PropertyCountGetst he number of axes in the collection.  
Public PropertyItemGets the axis at the specified index.  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddAdds an axis to the collection.  
Public MethodAddRangeAdds an array of axes to the collection.  
Public MethodClearRemoves all axes from the collection.  
Public MethodContainsDetermines whether the collection contains a specific axis.  
Public MethodCopyToCopies the axes in the collection to an array, starting at the specified array index.  
Public MethodGetEnumeratorGets an enumerator that iterates through the collection.  
Public MethodGetSchemaThis method is reserved and should not be used.  
Public MethodIndexOfDetermines the index of the axis in the collection.  
Public MethodInsertInserts aa axis into the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodInsertRangeInserts an array axes into the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodReadXmlGenerates an object from its XML representation.  
Public MethodRemoveRemoves the specified axis from the collection.  
Public MethodRemoveAtRemoves the axis at the specified index.  
Public MethodWriteXmlConverts an object into its XML representation.  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodOnChangedRaises the Changed event.  

Public Events

Public EventChangedOccurs when the collection is changed.  

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