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BaseCellType Class Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.CellType Namespace : BaseCellType Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by BaseCellType.

Public Properties

Public PropertySubEditorGets or sets the subeditor.  

Public Methods

Public MethodCanBeOverflownDetermines whether data from another cell can overflow into this cell (whether this cell can be overflowed into).  
Public MethodCancelEditingCancels the editing of a cell.  
Public MethodCanOverflowDetermines whether a cell can overflow its data into an adjacent cell.  
Public MethodCloneCreates and returns a base cell.  
Public MethodFormatFormats the specified data into the format of the cell type and returns it as a string.  
Public MethodGetEditorControlGets the edit control for this cell type with the specified appearance and scaling.  
Public MethodGetEditorValueGets the unformatted value in the editor control.  
Public MethodGetPreferredSizeOverloaded. Gets the preferred (maximum needed) size of the cell for the editor control.  
Public MethodGetReservedCursorGets the cursor reserved for this cell type.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)GetReusableEditorControlImplementation of IReuseEditorControl.GetEditorControl for use by cell types  
Public MethodIsPropertySupportedGets whether the cell type supports the named property.  
Public MethodIsReservedKeyDetermines whether the specified key has special meaning to the editor control.  
Public MethodIsValidDetermines whether the specified value is valid.  
Public MethodPaintCellOverloaded. Paints the cell when not in edit mode to the specified graphics interface with the specified appearance settings.  
Public MethodParseParses the specified string to the data type of the cell type and returns it as an object.  
Public MethodSetEditorValueSets the value of the editor control.  
Public MethodShowSubEditorShows the subeditor control associated with the cell.  
Public MethodStartEditingStarts the editing of a cell.  
Public MethodStopEditingStops the editing of a cell.  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodFireEditorValueChangedFires the EditorValueChanged event if there are any delegates attached.  

Public Events

Public EventEditingCanceledOccurs when editing (the editor control) has been canceled by the user.  
Public EventEditingStoppedOccurs when editing (the editor control) has been stopped by the user.  
Public EventEditorValueChangedOccurs when value (the editor control) has been changed by the user.  

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