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FarPoint.Win.Spread.Chart Namespace
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly : FarPoint.Win.Spread.Chart Namespace

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ClassArraySegmentData Represents a segment which contains an array of double value.
ClassCellRangeSegmentData Represent a segmetn which get data from a cell range in SheetView.
ClassChartDataSetting Represents the data settings for SpreadChart
ClassChartShape Represents an abstract class which contains the most basic behavior for SpreadChart.
ClassContextMenuStripEventArgs Represent a data structure when the context menu is displayed.
ClassDataFieldChangedEventArgs Represents event data for DataFieldChangedEventHandler events
ClassSegmentDataChangedEventArgs Represents event data for ISegmentData.DataChanged event.
ClassSeriesDataField Represents data source of Series using formula.
ClassSeriesDataFieldCollection Represents a set of SeriesDataField.
ClassSheetCellRange Represent a cell range in a specified SheetView.
ClassSheetCellRangeCollection Represents a strongly typed list of SheetCellRange that can be accessed by index. Provides methods to search, sort, and manipulate lists.
ClassSpreadChart Represent a chart instance in Spread.
ClassSpreadChartClipboardInfo Represents a SpreadChart's data structure in clipboard.
ClassSpreadChartCollection - Represents a collection of chart objects.
ClassSpreadChartDeleteUndoAction This class represents the action which user delete the chart by press Delete or choose "Delete" from context menu.
ClassSpreadChartSeriesIndicatorUndoAction This class represents the action which user change a part of data indicator from SheetView
ClassSpreadChartUndoAction This class repesents the action which user change chart data indicator from SheetView.
ClassStringSegmentData Represents a segment which contains only one string.


InterfaceISegmentData Represents a segment data which is used as chart's data source.
InterfaceISupportChartDataSetting Represent a class which support Chart data setting concept.
InterfaceISupportDynamicDataSegment Support receiving differnt type of data from one segment. In FpChart model, series' data must be double, category's data must be string. So, some special segment (such as CellRangeSegmentData) must be able to provide different data base on specified data type.


DelegateContextMenuStripEventHandler Represents a method which will be called when the context menu is displayed.
DelegateDataFieldChangedEventHandler Handles the DataFieldChanged event.
DelegateSegmentDataChangedEventHandler Represents event handler for ISegmentData.DataChanged event.


EnumerationDataOrientation Indicates that whether the SeriesDataField will return data vertically or horizontally.
EnumerationEmptyValueStyle Lets you specify how you want empty worksheet cells in a data series to be shown in the chart.
EnumerationSegmentDataType Represents the data type of a segment.
EnumerationSpreadChartUndoAction.ActionType Represents which kind of SpreadChart undoable action.

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