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ISpreadDataViewMapper Interface Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.Data Namespace : ISpreadDataViewMapper Interface

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The following tables list the members exposed by ISpreadDataViewMapper.

Public Properties

 PropertyDataViewColumnCountGets the number of columns in the data view.  
 PropertyDataViewRowCountGets the number of rows in the data view.  

Public Methods

 MethodGetDataViewColumnFromModelColumnGets the data view column from model column.  
 MethodGetDataViewRowFromModelRowGets the data view row from model row.  
 MethodGetDataViewRowFromModelRowWhenAddNewGets the data view row from model row when add new row. This method is only used when add a new row to sheetview  
 MethodGetModelColumnFromDataViewColumnGets the model column from data view column.  
 MethodGetModelRowFromDataViewRowGets the model row from data view row.  
 MethodIsValidDetermines whether this mapper is valid in the specified sheet.  
 MethodOnDataModelRowInsertedOccurs when the data model row is inserted.  
 MethodOnDataModelRowRemovedOccurs when the data model row is removed.  
 MethodOnDataResetOccurs when the data is reset.  
 MethodOnDataRowAddedOccurs when the data row is added.  
 MethodOnDataRowChangedOccurs when the data row is changed.  
 MethodOnDataRowDeletedOccurs when the data row is deleted.  
 MethodOnDataRowMovedOccurs when the data row is moved.  

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