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FarPoint.Win.Spread.DrawingSpace Namespace
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly : FarPoint.Win.Spread.DrawingSpace Namespace

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Provides the base classes, interfaces, and enumerations for the various shapes and objects that can be drawn in the drawing space.


ClassArcShape Represents a arc shape object.
ClassArrowShape Represents an arrow shape object.
ClassBannerShape Represents a banner shape object.
ClassBentArrowShape Represents a bent arrow shape object.
ClassBurstShape Represents a burst shape object.
ClassCalloutArrowShape Represents a square callout with arrow shape object.
ClassCaptionBalloonShape Represents a caption balloon shape object.
ClassCheckmarkShape Represents a check mark shape object.
ClassChevronShape Represents a chevron shape object.
ClassCrescentShape Represents a crescent shape object.
ClassCurvedArrowShape Represents a curved arrow shape object.
ClassCustomShape Represents a custom shape object.
ClassDiamondShape Represents a diamond shape object.
ClassDonutShape Represents a donut shape object.
ClassDrawingToolbar Represents the toolbar for shapes.
ClassEditorCalloutShape Represents an editor's drawn highlight shape object.
ClassEllipseShape Represents an ellipse shape object.
ClassExclamationBalloonShape Represents a exclamation balloon shape object.
ClassFivePointStarShape Represents a five-pointed star shape object.
ClassFourWayArrowShape Represents a four way arrow shape object.
ClassGradientSection Represents the sections of a color gradient, a continuously smooth color transitions.
ClassHeartShape Represents a heart shape object.
ClassLightningBoltShape Represents a lightning bolt shape object.
ClassLineShape Represents a line shape object.
ClassMultiSideShape Represents a multiple-sided shape object.
ClassNewPaperSize Represents the NewPaperSize.
ClassPSGradient Represents a gradient.
ClassPSObject Represents the windowless presentation space object.
ClassPSShape Represents a shape object.
ClassRectangleShape Represents an rectangle shape object.
ClassRoundedRectangleShape Represents a rounded rectangle shape object.
ClassShadowProps Represents the shadow properties for floating objects.
ClassShapeEventArgs Represents the ShapeEventArgs.
ClassShapeProps Represents the shape properties.
ClassSpreadCameraShape Defines a shape that creates a mirror image of a cell range in a sheetview.
ClassSquareCaptionBalloonShape Represents a square caption balloon shape object.
ClassStickyNoteStyleInfo Represents the customizable appearance settings of a cell note that stays visible.
ClassSymbolDataGridView Represents the Symbol DataGridView.
ClassSymbolDialog Represents the SymbolDialog.
ClassTextAndFont Represents the text and font of the presentation space.
ClassTextInput Represents the text input for the presentation space.
ClassTextShape Represents a text string shape object.
ClassThoughtBalloonShape Represents a thought balloon shape object.
ClassThreeWayArrowShape Represents a three way arrow shape object.
ClassTriangleShape Represents a triangle shape object.
ClassTwoWayArrowShape Represents a two way arrow shape object.
ClassUniversalNoShape Represents a universal "no" shape object.
ClassXShape Represents an X shape object.
ClassZoom Represents the Zoom.


InterfaceIEmbeddedControlSupport Interface that supports the rendering of embedded child controls on a sheet.
InterfaceIHostChildControls Interface supplied by objects that support embedded child controls.
InterfaceIPdfSupportPSObject Interface that supports printing to PDF for control layer objects.




EnumerationChildActivationPolicy Specifies the activation behavior of an embedded child control.
EnumerationGradientStyle Specifies the background gradient style.
EnumerationMoving Specifies the movement aspects of the object.
EnumerationShadowDirection Specifies the direction of the drop shadow of the shape.
EnumerationSizing Specifies the sizing aspects of the object.


For more information about how to use the shapes in the drawing space, refer to Using Shapes.

For a list of the namespaces of this assembly, refer to the FarPoint.Win.Spread assembly.

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