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SheetTabDragDropUndoAction Class Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.UndoRedo Namespace : SheetTabDragDropUndoAction Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by SheetTabDragDropUndoAction.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorSheetTabDragDropUndoAction ConstructorUndoes the sheet tab drag-drop.  

Protected Fields

Protected FieldfromSpecifies the index of the sheet that is drag and dropped.  
Protected FieldtoSpecifies the new index of the sheet that is drag and dropped.  

Public Methods

Public MethodCloneClones the object. (Inherited from FarPoint.Win.Spread.UndoRedo.UndoAction)
Public MethodPerformActionPerforms the undo action. (Inherited from FarPoint.Win.Spread.UndoRedo.UndoAction)
Public MethodPerformUndoActionOverridden. Moves the sheet to the new index.  
Public MethodToStringReturns a string representing this object.  
Public MethodUndoOverridden. Moves the sheet back to its original index.  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodSaveUndoStateOverridden. Saves undo state.  

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