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Picture Class Members
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FarPoint.Win Assembly > FarPoint.Win Namespace : Picture Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by Picture.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorPicture ConstructorOverloaded.   

Public Properties

Public PropertyAlignHorzGets or sets the horizontal alignment of the picture.  
Public PropertyAlignVertGets or sets the vertical alignment of the picture.  
Public PropertyImageGets or sets the picture to display.  
Public PropertyStyleGets or sets how the picture is displayed.  
Public PropertyTransparencyColorGets or sets the transparency color for rendering the picture.  
Public PropertyTransparencyToleranceGets or sets the amount of tolerance of transparency from the color set as transparent.  

Public Methods

Public MethodPaintOverloaded. Paints the picture inside the specified rectangle.  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodFinalizeThe destructor method of Picture class  
Protected MethodOnPictureChangedRaises the PictureChanged event when the picture changes.  

Public Events

Public EventPictureChangedOccurs when the picture changes.  

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