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Columns Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by Columns.

Public Properties

Public PropertyCountGets or sets the number of columns in the collection.  
Public PropertyDefaultGets a DefaultColumn object for the default column (-1).  
Public PropertyItemOverloaded. Gets the column for the specified tag.  
Public PropertyParentGets the parent object that contains this collection of columns.  
Public PropertyRangeGroupLevelsGets the number of levels of columns in the outline (range group).  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddAdds a new column or range of columns.  
Public MethodAddRangeGroupGroups all the columns from the specified start index by the specified amount to an outline (range group).  
Public MethodExpandRangeGroupExpands or collapses a specified outline (range group) of columns.  
Public MethodGetOverloaded. Gets the specified column.  
Public MethodGetRangeGroupInfoGets the outlines (range groups) by level.  
Public MethodRemoveRemoves a column or range of columns.  
Public MethodRemoveRangeGroupRemoves columns from the outline (range group) starting from the specified index and count, and returns them to individual columns.  

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