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IInterfaceRenderer Interface Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace : IInterfaceRenderer Interface

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The following tables list the members exposed by IInterfaceRenderer.

Public Methods

 MethodPaintButtonPaints a tab strip button.  
 MethodPaintGrayAreaPaints the gray area.  
 MethodPaintRangeGroupAreaPaints the outline (range group) area.  
 MethodPaintRangeGroupButtonPaints the outline (range group) button.  
 MethodPaintRangeGroupLevelBoxPaints the outline (range group) level indicator box.  
 MethodPaintRangeGroupLinePaints the outline (range group) line.  
 MethodPaintRangeGroupPointPaints the outline (range group) point.  
 MethodPaintScrollBoxPaints the scroll box.  
 MethodPaintSheetTabPaints the sheet tab.  
 MethodPaintSheetTabPartialPaints a sheet tab which is partially displayed.  
 MethodPaintSpecialSheetTabPaints the special insert sheet tab.  
 MethodPaintSplitBarPaints the split bar.  
 MethodPaintSplitBarCrossoverPaints the crossing between the split bars.  
 MethodPaintSplitBoxPaints the split box.  
 MethodPaintTabStripBackgroundPaints the tab strip background.  

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