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Top10FilterItem Class Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread Namespace : Top10FilterItem Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by Top10FilterItem.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorTop10FilterItem ConstructorCreates a new Top10Filter instance with customized settings.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyDisplayAtTopOfListOverridden. Gets or sets whether the display name is added to the top of the filter drop-down list.  
Public PropertyDisplayNameOverridden. Gets the display name of the filter.  
Public PropertyIsDescendingGets or sets a boolean value that specifies whether numeric numbers are filtered in descending order.  
Public PropertyIsObjectValueEditableGets or sets whether the object value can be edited. In the filter bar UI, the text editor is displayed if the value is true.  
Public PropertyIsPercentGets or sets a boolean value that specifies whether the filter is based on a percentage.  
Public PropertyLabelGets displayed text of the filter (filter name or operator).  
Public PropertyObjectValueGets or sets the text value for the filter.  
Public PropertyRankGets or sets a number filter.  
Public PropertySheetViewOverridden. Sets the SheetView object to the filter.  

Public Methods

Public MethodCloneCreates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.  
Public MethodDeserializeOverridden. Loads the object from XML.  
Public MethodEqualsDetermines whether the specified System.Object is equal to the current Top10Filter object.  
Public MethodFilterOverridden. Filters the specified column of the sheet.  
Public MethodGetHashCode  
Public MethodSerializeOverridden. Saves the object to XML.  
Public MethodShowInDropDownOverridden. Determines whether the name is displayed in the filter drop-down list.  

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