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This documentation was written as a collaborative effort. Developers, technical support personnel, testers, and technical writers all added their knowledge of how the product works and can best be applied. This documentation is a diverse collection that follows a tradition of extensive examples and code snippets to clarify the use and flexibility of our product. Because the world of software development and the computer-based economy are changing so rapidly, developers like you need a tool that is flexible and extendable, and you do not have a lot of time to learn how best to apply it. A well-supported and well-documented product is necessary for success.

Recognizing that there are various levels of readers, from beginners with .NET and those new to using components, to experienced Spread users and those who customize the tool greatly, we have tried our best to provide essential procedural documentation and tutorials to help you get started as well as detailed class library (API reference) documentation to let you customize the use of the product to the fullest extent.

We dedicate this documentation to the developers who can think beyond the traditional boundaries of spreadsheets and use this product to extend their creative and innovative ideas.

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