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Saving and Opening Design Files
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When you have finished designing a Spread, you can save the file to either a Spread XML file or a BIFF-compatible file. From the File menu icon, select Save or Save As New and specify a file name and location.

To open an existing file, from the File menu, select Open and select the file from the File dialog, or select a file under the Recent Documents section.

For saving Spread Designer to an XML file, the Spread element contains these elements

For more information on the save and open options from the File menu, refer to File Menu.

For details of what is exported to the BIFF-compatible file, refer to the Import and Export Reference.

If you are using Spread Designer as a stand-alone application, you can save your work to a file before closing Spread Designer. To best preserve all the settings you have created in Spread Designer, save to a Spread XML file when using Spread Designer stand alone.

For information on saving and loading files in general, refer to the Managing File Operations in the Developer’s Guide.

For more tasks in Spread Designer, return to Working with the Design.

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