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C1.Web.Mvc.Grid Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassCellRange Represents a rectangular group of cells defined by two row indices and two column indices.
EnumerationAggregate Specifies the type of aggregate to calculate over a group of values.
EnumerationAllowDragging Specifies constants that define the row/column dragging behavior.
EnumerationAllowMerging Specifies constants that define which areas of the grid support cell merging.
EnumerationAllowResizing Specifies constants that define the row/column sizing behavior.
EnumerationAutoSizeMode Specifies constants that define the row/column auto-sizing behavior.
EnumerationDataType Enumeration with value types.
EnumerationDetailVisibilityMode Specifies when and how the row details are displayed.
EnumerationHeadersVisibility Specifies constants that specify the visibility of row and column headers.
EnumerationOperator Specifies filter condition operators.
EnumerationSelectionMode Gets or sets the current selection mode.
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