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The following tables list the members exposed by InputMask.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorInputMask ConstructorCreate one InputMask instance.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyComponentsGets the child components. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Component)
Public PropertyCssClassGets or sets the css class of the control. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyCssStylesGets the CSS styles. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyHeightGets or sets the height of the control. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyHtmlAttributesGets the HTML attributes. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyIdGets or sets the component id. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Component)
Public PropertyIsDisabledGets or sets a value that determines whether the control is disabled. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyIsRequiredGets or sets a value indicating whether the control value must be a non-empty string.  
Public PropertyIsTemplateGets or sets a boolean value which indicates whether transfer this control to template mode. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyMaskGets or sets the mask used to validate the input as the user types.  
Public PropertyNameGets or sets the name of the form input control. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.FormInputBase)
Public PropertyOnClientGotFocusOccurs when the control gets the focus. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyOnClientLostFocusOccurs when the control loses the focus. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyOnClientValueChangedOccurs when the value of the Value property changes.  
Public PropertyPlaceholderGets or sets the string shown as a hint when the control is empty.  
Public PropertyPromptCharGets or sets the symbol used to show input positions in the control.  
Public PropertyRawValueGets or sets the raw value of the control (excluding mask literals).  
Public PropertySelectorGets or sets a value which specifies the selector. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyTemplateBindingsGets the collection of the template bindings. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyUniqueIdGets a value which represents the unique id for the control. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public PropertyValueGets or sets the text currently shown in the control.  
Public PropertyWidthGets or sets the width of the control. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public Methods
Public MethodRenderRender the component result to the writer. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Control)
Public MethodToHtmlStringReturns an HTML-encoded string. (Inherited from C1.Web.Mvc.Component)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToTemplateRender the html string in template mode.
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