ASP.NET MVC Controls

ASP.NET MVC Edition offers various Input controls that collects data from users in the web UI. The controls let you create numeric, masked, percentage, date, currency and text inputs, depending on the type of data to be collected. These Input controls are highly customizable, and allow developers to create data-sensitive applications.

The table below lists Input controls supported by ASP.NET MVC Edition:




Select values from lists retrieved dynamically from the server. The AutoComplete control retrieves options from the server as the user types.


Select a date from a month calendar, navigating through days, months, and years. Use the Min and Max properties to restrict the selectable dates.


Select a color by clicking the panels to adjust color channels (hue, saturation, brightness, alpha).


Select values by picking them from a list with auto-completion. Use the displayMemberPath and displayValuePath properties to select from tables with complex objects (e.g. key/value pairs).


Select colors by typing in HTML-supported color strings, or from a drop-down that shows a ColorPicker control. The Value property of the control gets or sets the currently selected color.


Edit date values or pick dates from a drop-down calendar. Use the min and max properties to restrict the valid date range.


Edit strings using a mask that prevents invalid input and skips over literals. Use the mask property to specify the format of the input.


Edit numeric values or use spinner buttons to increment or decrement the current value. Use the Min and Max properties to restrict the valid numeric range.


Edit time values or pick times from a drop-down list. Use the min and max properties to restrict the valid time range.


Display a list of values containing plain text or HTML, and allow users to select a value. This control is displayed in the drop-down part of the ComboBox, AutoComplete, TimePicker, and Menu controls.


Shows a text element with a drop-down list of commands that the user can invoke by click.


Display arbitrary content as popovers and dialogs in your application, and seek desired information from end-user through these.  


Display a list of custom objects or strings in the drop-down, and allow users to select multiple items from the list.


Select values from lists retrieved dynamically from the server.  It allows user to pick items from lists that contain either custom objects or simple strings.



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