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Download the installer, C1StudioInstaller.exe from Follow the steps through the installation wizard to install the .NET DLLs and packages for ASP.NET MVC Edition. The installer also installs C1 ASP.NET MVC Web Application templates which can be used in place of the MVC templates provided by Visual Studio, to make working with ComponentOne controls easier.

All dependency references, style sheets and scripts are already added to the project created using C1 ASP.NET MVC Web Application template. There is no need to explicitly add the DLL to the project. But, you need to manually integrate the assembly into your MVC project which is created using Visual Studio templates, in order to use these controls.


Samples for the product are installed in the ComponentOne Samples folder by default.

C:\Users\<username>\Documents\ComponentOne Samples\ASP.NET MVC.

To run these samples, ensure that the Copy Local property of the assembly reference, C1.Web.Mvc.dll, C1.Web.Mvc.Finance.dll, and C1.Web.Mvc.FlexSheet.dll, C1.Web.Mvc.MultiRow.dllC1.Web.Mvc.FlexViewer.dll and C1.Web.Mvc.Olap.dll is set to True

Install C1 Scaffolder Visual Studio extension

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