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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section.Annotations Namespace
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The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section.Annotations namespace contains the Annotations classes and its settings.


ClassAnnotation Annotation is the base class for Annotation objects.
ClassAnnotationArrow  Represents the AnnotationArrow object.
ClassAnnotationBalloon Represents the AnnotationBalloon object.
ClassAnnotationBaseText Represents the base class for all of the Annotation objects.
ClassAnnotationCircle Represents a circular Annotation object.
ClassAnnotationCollection Represents a collection of Annotation objects.
ClassAnnotationImage Represents the AnnotationImage object.
ClassAnnotationLine Represents the AnnotationLine object.
ClassAnnotationRectangle Represents the rectangular Annotation object.
ClassAnnotationText Represents the characteristics of the text of the Annotation object.
ClassBorder Draws a border around an Annotations object. For internal use only.
ClassBorderCircle Draws a border around an AnnotationCircle.
ClassBorderRectangle Draws a border around an AnnotationRectangle.


EnumerationAnnotationBalloon.BallonQuadrant Specifies the location of the balloon tail relative to the AnnotationBalloon object.
EnumerationAnnotationLine.LinePlacement Specifies the location relative to the Annotation object in which the line will be drawn.
EnumerationAnnotationLine.ShowArrowCap Specifies the location of the arrow cap on the AnnotationLine.
EnumerationArrowDirection Specifies the direction in which the arrow points.
EnumerationImageLayout Specifies the positioning for Annotation Images.

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