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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.v7 Assembly > GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section Namespace : Page Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by Page.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorPage ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the Page class.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyAnnotationsGets or sets the annotations associated with the page.  
Public PropertyBackColor

Specifies the background color used to render shapes and text to the page.

Public PropertyBookmarksReturns a list of the page's bookmarks.  
Public PropertyCanvasItemsReturns a list of the page's canvas items.  
Public PropertyCharacterSpacingGets or sets the CharacterSpacing value for the page.  
Public PropertyCompressSets or returns a value indicating whether the page is compressed.  
Public PropertyFont

Gets or sets the current font used to draw text on the page.

Public PropertyFontsReturns the collection of fonts for the page.  
Public PropertyForeColorGets or sets the current foreground color used to draw text and shapes on the page.  
Public PropertyHeightGets or sets the height of the page in inches.  
Public PropertyIdentifierGets unique page identifier (used in PagesCollection to track swapped out pages)  
Public PropertyLineSpacingGets or sets the LineSpacing value for the page.  
Public PropertyMarginsGets a reference to the page margins settings.  
Public PropertyOrientationGets or sets the orientation of the page.  
Public PropertyPaddingGets or sets the amount of padding to use around the text inside a control.  
Public PropertyPenStyleGets or sets the line style used to draw lines and shapes.  
Public PropertyPenWidthGets or sets the width of the pen used to draw lines and shapes. (1/2 point).  
Public PropertyRightToLeft

Determines whether DrawText should render text RightToLeft.

Public PropertySizeReturns a SizeF structure with the height and width of the page, in inches.  
Public PropertyTextAlignment

Determines the text alignment when using the DrawText method.

Public PropertyTextAngleGets or sets the angle of text used to draw text.  
Public PropertyTextJustifyGets or sets the type of justification to use when the TextAlignment property is set to Justify.  
Public PropertyTextRenderHintSpecifies the quality of rendering.  
Public PropertyUnitsGets or sets the units used with the page primitive drawing methods.  
Public PropertyVerticalTextSets or returns a value indicating whether to draw text vertically when using the DrawText method.  
Public PropertyVerticalTextAlignment

Determines the vertical text alignment when using the DrawText method.

Public PropertyWidthGets or sets the width of the page (in inches).  
Public PropertyWordWrapGets or sets a value determining whether word wrapping occurs.  
Public PropertyWrapModeGets or sets the wrap mode for rendering text.  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddBookmarkSummary description for AddBookmark.  
Public MethodClearClears all items from all pages.  
Public MethodClearCanvasItemsClears all CanvasItems from the page.  
Public MethodCloneCreates a clone of the Page object.  
Public MethodDisposeReleases the Page instance from memory.  
Public MethodDrawRenders the page's content to the specified Graphics object at the specified coordinates.  
Public MethodDrawBorderOverloaded. Paints the specified border at the specified coordinates.  
Public MethodDrawEllipseDraws an ellipse on the page.  
Public MethodDrawImageOverloaded. Draws an image on the page.  
Public MethodDrawLineDraws a line on the page at the specified coordinates.  
Public MethodDrawRectOverloaded. Draws a rectangular shape on the page at the specified coordinates.  
Public MethodDrawRoundRectDraws a rounded rectangle on the page at the specified coordinates.  
Public MethodDrawTextOverloaded. 

Draws text on the page.

Public MethodFillRectOverloaded. 

Fills the specified area with the current page BackColor.

Public MethodLoadOverloaded. Loads page content from a reader or a file.  
Public MethodMeasureParagraphHeightOverloaded. Measures the height of the specified text if rendered using the current page settings with the specified width.  
Public MethodMeasureTextOverloaded. Determines the width and height of text string.  
Public MethodOverlayOverlays the specified page object on top of the Page.  
Public MethodSaveOverloaded. Saves page content.  
Public MethodToStringRenders the page's settings and content to a string.  

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