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PagesCollection Class Members
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.v7 Assembly > GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.Section Namespace : PagesCollection Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by PagesCollection.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorPagesCollection ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the PagesCollection class.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyCountReturns the number of Page members in the collection.  
Public PropertyFontsReturns the FontsCollection that is used in the PagesCollection.  
Public PropertyIsFixedSizeGets a value indicating whether the PagesCollection has a fixed size.  
Public PropertyIsReadOnlyGets a value indicating whether the PagesCollection is read-only.  
Public PropertyIsSynchronizedGets a value indicating whether access to the PagesCollection is synchronized (thread safe). (Inherited from ICollection.)  
Public PropertyItemReturns the member at the specified index in the collection.  
Public PropertySyncRootGets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the PagesCollection.  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddOverloaded. Adds the specified Page object to the collection.  
Public MethodAddRangeOverloaded. Adds an array or collection of pages.  
Public MethodAddToPagePool  
Public MethodClearClears all pages from the collection.  
Public MethodCloneCreates a clone of the PagesCollection.  
Public MethodContainsOverloaded. Determines whether the specified object is a member of the collection.  
Public MethodCopyToOverloaded. 

Copies pages from the collection to an array, starting at a particular array index.

Public MethodDisposeReleases the PagesCollection instance from memory.  
Public MethodGetRangeReturns a new collection of the specified number of pages starting with the specified index  
Public MethodIndexOfOverloaded. Returns the index of a page in the collection.  
Public MethodInsertOverloaded. Inserts the specified page into the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodInsertNewCreates a new Page object and inserts it into the collection at the specified index.  
Public MethodInsertRangeOverloaded. Inserts a range of pages into the collection at a specified position.  
Public MethodRemoveOverloaded. Removes the specified page object from the collection.  
Public MethodRemoveAtRemoves the page at the specified index from the collection.  

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