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TiffExport Class Members
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GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Image.v7 Assembly > GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Image.Tiff.Section Namespace : TiffExport Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by TiffExport.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorTiffExport ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the TiffExport class.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyCompressionSchemeSets or returns a value which specifies the compression scheme to be used when exporting a TIFF file.  
Public PropertyContainer (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public PropertyDitherSpecifies whether the image should be dithered when saving to a black and white output format such as Ccitt4, Ccitt3 or Rle. If the CompressionScheme is set to Lzw or None (indicating color output) this property has no effect.  
Public PropertyDpiXGet or set the horizonal resolution value when exporting a TIFF.  
Public PropertyDpiYGet or set the vertical resolution value when exporting a TIFF.  
Public PropertyPaginationGets or sets the value indicates should pagination be used for resulted TIFF document or not  
Public PropertySite (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)

Public Methods

Public MethodCreateObjRef (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodDispose (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)
Public MethodExportOverloaded. Exports the specified document to TIFF format.  
Public MethodGetLifetimeService (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodInitializeLifetimeService (Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodToString (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)

Public Events

Public EventDisposed (Inherited from System.ComponentModel.Component)

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