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The GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Options namespace contains the barcode options classes for Code49, PDF417, and QRCode barcodes.


ClassBarCodeException The exception thrown when an error is caused by an inapplicable value of the barcode control.

Represents the Code128 barcode's particular information.


Represents the Code49 barcode's particular information.

ClassDataMatrixOptions Represents the options of the Data Matrix barcode.

Represents the PDF417 barcode's particular information.


Represents the QRCode barcode's particular information.

ClassRssExpandedStackedOptions Represents the RssExpandedStacked barcode's particular information.


EnumerationDataMatrixEcc000_140SymbolSize The symbol size enumeration for ECC000-140 mode.
EnumerationDataMatrixEcc200EncodingMode The enumeration of encoding char set under ECC200 mode.
EnumerationDataMatrixEcc200SymbolSize The symbol size enumeration for ECC200 mode.
EnumerationDataMatrixEccMode The ECC mode enumeration.
EnumerationPDF417Type Specifies PDF417's barcode type.
EnumerationQRCodeErrorLevel Specifies the QRCode's error correction level.
EnumerationQRCodeMask Sets the QRCode's mask pattern reference.
EnumerationQRCodeModel Sets the QRCode's model.

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