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The following tables list the members exposed by SectionReport.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorSectionReport ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the SectionReport class.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyCalculatedFieldsGets a FieldCollection object containing all of the calculated fields in the report.  
Public PropertyCultureProvides information on a specific culture, including its names and the writing system.  
Public PropertyCurrentPageReturns the current page instance.  
Public PropertyDataMember

Gets or sets the specified list in an DataSource to which the report will bind.

Public PropertyDataSourceGets or sets the data source from which the report will retrieve data.  
Public PropertyDocumentGets a reference to the report output Document object.  
Public PropertyEnableScriptDebuggingAllows to catch script exceptions in the debugger. The default value is False.  
Public PropertyExpressionErrorMessageStops the reporting engine from throwing exceptions and instead displays the provided string.  
Public PropertyFieldsReturns the current data binding collection.  This collection contains the available Field objects to which the report controls and sections can be bound.  
Public PropertyIsDirtySets or returns the current state of the report layout.  This property is set to True when any changes are made to the report layout since it was last saved.  
Public PropertyLayoutAction

Sets or returns a custom action following the rendering of the current record.

Public PropertyMaxPagesSets or returns the maximum number of pages that the report will create.  
Public PropertyNameGets or sets the name of the report.  
Public PropertyPageNumberReturns the number of the current page being processed when a report is running.  
Public PropertyPageSettingsReturns a reference to the current report's page settings.   
Public PropertyParametersReturns a reference to the data source query parameters collection.  
Public PropertyParentReportGets a reference to the parent report.  
Public PropertyPrintWidthSets or returns the report's printable width in inches.  
Public PropertyScriptSets or returns the script code for a report's events.  Either this property or the script editor may be used to add script to a report.  
Public PropertyScriptLanguageSets or returns the scripting language ActiveReports will use to write and interpret the script properties.   
Public PropertySectionsReturns a reference to the report's sections collection.  
Public PropertyShowParameterUISets or returns whether or not the query parameters dialog box will appear when the report is run.  
Public PropertyStateReturns the current state of the report.  
Public PropertyStyleSheetReturns a collection of formatting styles used to format controls in the report.  
Public PropertyUserData

Sets or returns a user-defined value.

Public PropertyVersionReturns the product's version number.  
Public PropertyWatermarkAdds a specified image to the report's background.  The watermark image can be positioned, sized, aligned and placed on specified pages by using the other watermark properties.  
Public PropertyWatermarkAlignmentSets or returns the watermark's general vertical and horizontal position when it is added to the canvas.  
Public PropertyWatermarkPrintOnPagesSets or returns a value indicating the specific pages to which the watermark should be added.  
Public PropertyWatermarkSizeModeSets or returns how the watermark will be sized when the image is rendered on the page.  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddCodeAdds additional valid script code to the report's scripting context.  Using AddCode allows complete functions to be added to a report's script at run time.  The added functions can be called from the report events in script.  
Public MethodAddControlLicenseAdds a license key to the report so licensed controls can be added to sections at run time by using the Controls.Add method.  
Public MethodAddNamedItemAdds an object to the script's global namespace.  This method allows scripts to become aware of custom classes contained within a project.  Once an item has been added, the script can use the objectName string to reference the object and the functions contained within the class.  
Public MethodAddScriptReferenceAdds a reference to the specified assembly to be loaded into the scripting run-time context.  
Public MethodCancelCancels the report's processing. Any rendered pages will be cleared from the report's Document object.  
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CmToInchConverts value from centimeters to inches.  
Public MethodCreateObjRef

Creates an object that contains all the relevant information required to generate a proxy used to communicate with a remote object.

(Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public MethodDisposeReleases the report instance from memory.  
Public MethodGetLifetimeService

Retrieves the current lifetime service object that controls the lifetime policy for this instance.

(Inherited from System.MarshalByRefObject)
Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)InchToCmConverts value from inches to centimeters.  
Public MethodLoadLayoutOverloaded. Retrieves a report XML layout (RPX) from a file, stream or resource.  
Public MethodLoadStylesOverloaded. Loads an external stylesheet to use with the report.  
Public MethodResetScriptsClears the script of any items added using the AddNamedItem method or code added using the AddCode method.  This does not affect the pre-saved report layout (RPX) file and only clears code added using the above methods.  
Public MethodResetWatermarkResets the watermark to its default value.  
Public MethodRestartResets the report data source and clears the pages collection.  
Public MethodRunOverloaded. Starts the report processing.  
Public MethodSaveLayoutOverloaded. Saves a report's XML layout to a stream or file.  
Public MethodSaveStylesOverloaded. Saves a reports styles to an external stylesheet.  
Public MethodStopStops processing the report.  

Public Events

Public EventDataInitializeRaised after the ReportStart event to allow the addition of custom fields to the report's fields collection.  
Public EventDataSourceChangedRaised when the properties of the report's data source are modified.  
Public EventFetchDataRaised every time a new record is processed.  
Public EventNoDataRaised if the report's data source does not return any records and there is no data to be processed.  
Public EventPageEndRaised after the report finishes rendering each page.  
Public EventPageStartRaised before the report renders any output to a new page.  
Public EventParameterUIClosedRaised after the user closes the query parameters dialog.  
Public EventPrintAbortedRaised when the user cancels a print job.  
Public EventPrintProgressRaised for each page while printing the report document.  
Public EventReportEndRaised after the report finishes processing all pages.  
Public EventReportStartRaised before a report starts processing.  

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