ActiveReports 8
Adding ActiveReports Controls

You can add an ActiveReport to a project without using the Visual Studio toolbox, but in order to use the Viewer control, any of the exports, the Designer and related controls, or the WebViewer control, you need to have them in your toolbox.

The installer generally adds the controls to the Visual Studio toolbox in an ActiveReports 8 tab. However, if they are removed for any reason, you can re-add them at any time.

To add the controls

  1. Right-click the Visual Studio toolbox tab where you want to add ActiveReports controls and select Choose Items.
  2. In the Choose Toolbox Items window that appears, on the .NET Framework Components tab, in the Filter textbox, enter GrapeCity.ActiveReports.
  3. Select the check boxes next to any of the controls that you want to add to your toolbox:
    • Viewer
    • WebViewer
    • Designer
    • ReportExplorer
    • Toolbox
    • HtmlExport
    • PdfExport
    • RtfExport
    • TextExport
    • TiffExport
    • XlsExport
  4. For the Silverlight Viewer control, go to the Silverlight Components tab and select Viewer.
  5. Click OK to add the controls to the selected toolbox tab.

.NET Framework Version

The following features all require the .NET Framework full profile version.

To ensure that you are using the full profile version in a VB project

To ensure that you are using the full profile version in a C# project

Caution: ActiveReports controls may not appear in the toolbox unless your project is using .NET 3.5 or later.
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