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The Barcode report control offers 39 different barcode styles to choose from. This saves you the time and expense of finding and integrating a separate component. As with other data-bound report controls, you can use an expression to bind the value of a field to the Barcode Value property.

Apart from the barcode style, you can manage the alignment, direction, color, background color, bar width, caption position, font, text, and check whether checksum is enabled in the Properties Window. There are more properties available with the Code49, PDF417, and QRCode barcode styles. Click the Barcode to reveal its properties in the Properties window. All of the properties specific to this report control are also available in the Barcode dialog.

Note: This barcode is ported from the Section report Barcode control, so if you create reports programmatically, the Page report barcode is treated as a CustomReportItem.

Barcode Dialog

Properties for the Barcode are available in the Barcode dialog. To open it, with the Barcode selected in the report, under the Properties Window, click the Property dialog link.

The Barcode dialog lets you set properties on the report control with the following pages.

Note: You can select the <Expression...> option in many of these properties to open the Expression Editor where you can create an expression to determine the value.


Barcode Settings





Data Output

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