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HTML, or hypertext markup language, is a format that opens in a Web browser. The HTML export filter has a number of useful properties that allow you to control your output. You can set the properties either in code using the HTMLExport object after adding reference to the following assembly in your project, or by selecting the object in the toolbox and adding it to the component tray below the Form which automatically adds this assembly to the project:


Note: HTML Export requires the .NET Framework full profile version. To ensure you are using the full profile version, go to the Visual Studio Project menu > Properties > Compile tab > Advanced Compile Options (for Visual Basic projects) or to the Project menu > Properties > Application tab (for C# projects) and under Target framework select a full profile version.

HTML Export Properties

More information on output types

By default, the report is exported as DynamicHtml (DHTML), with cascading style sheets (CSS). Using the OutputType property, you can change the output to LegacyHtml (HTML). Neither of the output types creates a report that looks exactly like the one you display in the viewer because of differences in formats. Following is the usage of each output type and controls to avoid in each.

DynamicHtml (DHTML)

LegacyHtml (HTML)

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