ActiveReports 8
Using the HTML5 Viewer
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The HTML5 Viewer is a Javascript component that can be used in web applications to preview reports hosted on ActiveReports 8 Server or ActiveReports 8 Web Service. The HTML5 Viewer provides several UI types to target the wide range of supported devices. The application can switch between these options using the public API methods and properties.

HTML5 Viewer Mobile UI

HTML5 Viewer Mobile Top Toolbar

HTML5 Viewer Mobile Bottom Toolbar

HTML5 Viewer Mobile Table of Contents Pane

HTML5 Viewer Mobile Parameters Pane

HTML5 Viewer Mobile Search Pane

HTML5 Viewer Desktop UI

HTML5 Viewer Desktop Toolbar

HTML5 Viewer Desktop Table of Contents Pane

HTML5 Viewer Desktop Parameters Pane

HTML5 Viewer Desktop Search Pane

HTML5 Viewer Custom UI

The custom UI option of the HTML5 Viewer provides the ability to create a customized viewer for targeted devices and to meet the specific application requirements.

You can customize the appearance of the HTML5 Viewer using the public API methods and properties, described in Working with HTML5 Viewer using Javascript.

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