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Page Report How To

Learn to perform common tasks with ActiveReports with quick how-to topics.

This section contains information about how to

Work with Data
Learn how to connect to different data sources and add a data set in a page report.
Work with Report Controls and Data Regions
Learn how to use controls like the TextBox, Map or Image, and data regions like the Matrix or Table on Page Reports.
Create Common Page Reports
Learn how to work with Page reports, both CPL and FPL, and perform various page report tasks.
Add Parameters in a Page Report
Learn how to add a parameters to your report so that the users can filter data.
Create and Add Themes
Learn how to create and add new themes.
Customize and Apply a Theme
Learn how to modify an existing theme and apply them in your report.
Use Constant Expressions in a Theme
Learn how to set a constant expression in a theme and display it on your report.
Set Up Collation
Learn how a report renders when multiple themes are applied.
Add Hyperlinks
Learn how to add hyperlinks and improve interactivity in your report.
Add Bookmarks
Learn how to add bookmark links and improve interactivity in your report.
Create and Use a Master Report
Learn how to create a master report and apply common features to any number of reports.
Export a Page Report (Export Filter)
Learn how to use Export Filters to export your report in HTML, PDF, RTF, Text, TIFF and Excel file formats.
Export a Page Report (Rendering Extension)
Learn how to use Rendering Extensions to render your report in Image, HTML, PDF, XML or Word file formats.
Sort Data
Learn how to sort data in page layout.
Allow Users to Sort Data in the Viewer
Learn how to use the Interactive Sort settings on a TextBox report control.
Create a Drill-Down Report
Learn how to use the Visibility settings to toggle detail data within a report.
Set a Drill-Through Link
Learn how to set a drill-through link.
Add Items to the Document Map
Learn how to add items in the Document Map.
Change Page Size
Learn how to change page size in page layout.
Add Page Breaks in CPL
Learn how to add page breaks in CPL reports.
Add Totals and Subtotals in a Data Region
Learn how to set totals and subtotals in all the data regions with illustrative examples.
Add Static Rows and Columns to a Matrix
Learn how to static rows and columns automatically or manually in a Matrix.
Cell Merging In Matrix
Learn how to cells with duplicate values are merged in a Matrix.
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