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Section Report Events
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Section reports use events to allow you to control report behavior.

Single-Occurrence Events

The following events are all of the events that are raised only once during a Section report's processing. These events are raised at the beginning or at the end of the report processing cycle.

Events raised once

Multiple-Occurrence Events

The following events are raised multiple times during a Section report's processing.

Events raised more than once

When Bound and Unbound Data Values Are Set

  1. The Fields collection is populated from the dataset that is bound to the report after the DataInitialize event is raised. (In an unbound report, the Fields collection values are not set to anything at this point.)
  2. The FetchData event is raised, giving the user a chance to modify the Fields collection.
  3. Any fields that are bound have the values transferred over.
  4. The Format event is raised.

Events that Occur for Each Instance of Each Section

In a Section report, regardless of the type or content of the various sections, there are three events for each section: FormatBeforePrint and  AfterPrint.

Section Events

Event Sequence

Multi-threaded, single-pass processing enables Section reports to surpass other reports in processing and output generation speed. ActiveReports processes and renders each page as soon as the page is ready. If a page has unknown data elements or its layout is not final, it places the page in cache until the data is available.

Sequence of Events

Events that May Occur

These events occur in response to user actions, or when there is no data for a report.

Other Events

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