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Report Types
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ActiveReports provides a number of ways to design a report. You can choose a report type based on your layout requirements. Depending on the type of report you select, you also get various file formats to create your reports.

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Continuous Page Layout (CPL) Report

Fixed Page Layout (FPL) Report

Code-Based Section Report

XML-Based Section Report

Report Layout Types

You can design reports using different layouts depending on your requirements. This section introduces these layout types and describes the differences between them to allow you to select the one that suits your report.

Page Layout

Section Layout

Report File Format Types

You can create reports in a number of file formats with a varied set of features. This section describes the use of each of these file formats.

Report Template Formats

Additional File Formats

See the following list of file formats available in each layout.

Format Page Layout Section Layout
VB or CS

Features comparison between report types

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