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Text Justification
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The TextJustify Property of a Textbox control provides you justification options for aligning your text within a control. It is important that the TextAlign property (Alignment property in a Section Report) must be set to Justify' for TextJustify property to affect the text layout.

Note: In section layout, the TextJustify property is also available in the Label control.

You can choose from the following values of the TextJustify property:


Results in Standard MSWord like justification where space at the end of a line is spread across other words in that line. This is the default value.


Spaces individual characters within a word, except for the last line.


Spaces individual characters within words and also justifies the last line according to the length of others lines.

To set Text Justification

  1. On design surface, select the control to view it's properties in Properties window.
  2. In the properties window, set the TextAlign property (Alignment property in a Section Report) to Justify.
  3. Go to the TextJustify property and from the drop down list select any one option.

Text justification is supported when you preview a report in the Viewer, print a report or export a page or section report in PDF and TIFF formats. In page reports, it is also supported while rendering a report in Word, HTML, PDF and Image formats using rendering extensions. See Rendering for more information on rendering extensions. 

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