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Using the Viewer
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Besides previewing your report at design time, you can also view the reports you design in the Viewer. This viewer contains a toolbar and a sidebar with Thumbnails, Search results, Document map and Parameters panes.

Viewer Toolbar

Viewer Sidebar

Display report output in the Viewer

The following code examples demonstrate how you can display the report output in the Viewer.

  1. In a Visual Studio Windows Forms application, from the Visual Studio toolbox, drag the Viewer control onto your Windows Form.
  2. Set the viewer's Dock property to Fill to show the complete Viewer control on the Form.
  3. Double-click the title bar of the Form to create an event-handling method for the Form_Load event.
  4. In the Form_Load event, add code like the following to run the report and display it in the viewer. Each of these code snippets presumes a report in the project of the type indicated with the default name. (If you have renamed your report, you need to rename it in the code as well)

    To write the code in Visual Basic.NET

    To write the code in C#

Additional Features

Following is an introduction to the additional capabilities of the Viewer to guide you on using it effectively:

Split windows

Advanced Printing


Annotations Toolbar

Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewer's Thumbnails pane shortcut keys

Touch Support

ActiveReports introduces touch support for Windows Viewer. This feature gives you the flexibility to interact with the Viewer using simple touch gestures. Now you can install ActiveReports on any touch enabled Windows device and view the reports anywhere you are.

You can switch to the touch mode by just clicking the Touch mode button on the Viewer toolbar.

Note: In touch mode, you can still use the mouse to perform ActiveReports operations.

Touch mode Toolbar

Context menu


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