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Script for Subreports
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ActiveReports allows you to use scripting to permit reports saved to an XML file to contain code. By including scripting when reports are saved into XML, the reports later can be loaded, run, and displayed directly to the viewer control without needing to use the designer.

This walkthrough illustrates how to use scripting when creating a subreport.

This walkthrough is split up into the following activities:

Tip: For basic steps like adding a report to a Visual Studio project and viewing a report, please see the Basic Data Bound Reports walkthrough.
Note: This walkthrough uses the Northwind database. By default, in ActiveReports, the Northwind.mdb file is located at [User Documents folder]\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports 8\Data\NWIND.mdb.

When you have finished this walkthrough, you will have a report that looks similar to the following at design time and at runtime.

Design Time Layout (main report)

Runtime Layout (main report)

To add an ActiveReport to the Visual Studio project

To connect the report to a data source

To add a report for the subreport

To connect the subreport to a data source

To create a layout for the main report

To create a layout for the subreport

To embed script in the main report

To view the report

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