ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition
C1.Web.Api Namespace
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ClassAttachmentContent Provides HTTP content to be downloaded as attachments.
ClassBodyModelBinder<T> ModelBinder that reads information from the Request.Body. Please be aware that it is only safe to read the Request's Body one time.
ClassC1ApiController Defines the base class for the api controller.
ClassExporterResult The IHttpActionResult for exporting.
ClassExportSource The exchange data model used for sending export requests.
ClassFormFile This class defines the file from form post.
ClassFromFormExAttribute Defines a System.Web.Http.ModelBinding.ModelBinderAttribute object to deserialize the values from form.
ClassImportModelBinderAttribute An attribute to apply to action parameters for model binding for import.
ClassImportSource The wrapper of uploaded file as import source.
ClassImportSourceModelBinder ModelBinder for uploaded file as import source.
ClassOwin Owin utility functions.
ClassRequestModelBinder<T> The model binder for the parameter of C1 Web API action.
ClassStringModelBinder Model binder for return raw string value.
InterfaceIExporter Common interface for all exporters to share.
InterfaceIExporter<T> Common generic interface for all exporters to share.
InterfaceIImporter<TSource,TResult> Common generic interface for all importers to share.
EnumerationExportFileType Supported export file types
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