ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition
Configuring FlexReports Web API

FlexReport is a comprehensive reporting tool that provides complete reporting solution - from building complex reports to previewing, exporting, and printing. With a rich object model, and modern user interfaces in its previewing control and designer application. Reporting is significant to business decision making and knowledge management.

ComponentOne Studio Web API Edition enables the users to create report services that enables you to build HTTP services, which can be used for different type of clients for viewing, loading and caching reports. These are REST based API services, which communicate with the ReportViewer (HTML 5 based Report Viewer) to display the report content on the web.

Note: To work with FlexReport control, the minimal server configuration requirement is Windows Server 2008 R2.

C1 Web API Report Services can load FlexReport file (.flxr) created using FlexReportDesigner application. For more information, see FlexReport for WinForms. You can create a FlexReport Web API Report Services application using the following two ways.



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