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Note Property
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Gets or sets the note for a cell.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Property Note As String
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As Cell
Dim value As String
instance.Note = value
value = instance.Note
public string Note {get; set;}

Property Value

String containing the note for the cell


You can attach a note to a cell. This text may include a comment, a question, or documentation describing the origin of the cell's value. A cell that has a note displays a small red indicator (cell note indicator) in the upper right corner of the cell. When the pointer is over a cell indicator of a cell that has a note, the cell note text displays in a box next to the cell.

Cell notes are displayed in a similar manner as text tips. When the pointer is over the cell note indicator, the cell note text appears. For more information, refer to Adding a Note to a Cell.

When the Spread component displays the cell note, the TextTipFetch event occurs. You can display both text tips and cell notes for a cell. For other options, refer to the TextTipPolicy property.

You can use the CellNoteIndicatorVisible property to hide the cell note indicator when the pointer is over the cell note indicator.

There are some limitations to the use and display of cell notes:

  • Notes cannot be placed in cells in the column or row headers.
  • The note does not display in certain cell types when the IsReservedLocation method for that cell type is set to true. This may occur in a check box cell, or in a combo box cell that is not editable, or when a cursor is over a link in a hyperlink cell.
  • The cell note indicator does not appear when the cell is in edit mode.
  • Use caution in choosing a red color as the background for a cell that could contain a cell note. The cell note indicator could be invisible against a red background.


This example supplies a note for the cell.
C#Copy Code
FarPoint.Win.Spread.Cell acell;
acell = fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells[0, 0];
fpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells[0, 0].Text = "Note Test";
acell.Note = "This is a note";
Visual BasicCopy Code
Dim acell As FarPoint.Win.Spread.Cell
acell = FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells(0, 0)
FpSpread1.ActiveSheet.Cells(0, 0).Text = "Note Test"
acell.Note = "This is a note"


Target Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1 or later, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2008 (Server Core not supported), Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server Core supported with SP1 or later), Windows Server 2003 SP2

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