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SeriesDataField Class Members
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FarPoint.Win.Spread Assembly > FarPoint.Win.Spread.Chart Namespace : SeriesDataField Class

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The following tables list the members exposed by SeriesDataField.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorSeriesDataField ConstructorOverloaded.   

Public Properties

Public PropertyCountGets the count.  
Public PropertyDataOrientationGets a value indicating whether the SeriesDataField will return data vertically or horizontally.  
Public PropertyDataSettingGets or sets the data setting.  
Public PropertyDataTypeGets the type of the data.  
Public PropertyFieldNameIndicates that property name of Series which will be bind to.  
Public PropertyFormulaGets or sets the formula.  

Public Methods

Public MethodDisposeOverloaded. Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources  

Protected Methods

Protected MethodFinalizeReleases unmanaged resources and performs other cleanup operations before the SeriesDataField is reclaimed by garbage collection.  
Protected MethodGenerateSegmentDataListGenerates the segment data list.  
Protected MethodOnDataChangedFire DataChanged event.  

Public Events

Public EventDataChangedOccurs when data changed.  

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