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Recalculating and Updating Formulas Automatically
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By default, the spreadsheet recalculates formulas in the spreadsheet when the contents of dependent cells change. You can turn this recalculation off. You can also recalculate an individual cell.

Also by default, the spreadsheet updates formulas when you add, insert, or remove columns or rows or when you move or swap blocks of cells. You can turn off these automatic formula updates, but generally you probably want the spreadsheet to update formulas in these cases. Keep in mind how turning off automatic formula updating might impact the spreadsheet if the user moves data, adds rows or columns, or performs other actions that affect the location of data.

When automatic formula updating is on, the spreadsheet updates absolute and relative cell references, as follows:

Use the AutoCalculation property to turn on or off the automatic recalculation of formulas. Use the Recalculate and RecalculateAll methods for recalculating formulas.

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