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You can print a spreadsheet, or parts of a spreadsheet, and use a variety of options to customize printing. Spread allows you several ways to handle the printing and provides some default handling if you want to keep it simple. You can print various parts of the sheet, you can set options for the appearance of what is printed, you can preview the printing, and you can provide the printing operation to the end user.

Much of the work of printing is done with the PrintSheet method in the FpSpread class. Many of the options available for customizing the printing are in the PrintInfo class. For each sheet in Spread you assign a PrintInfo object. More information on the tasks involved with the management of printing are given in these topics:

See Also

You can also handle printing within the Spread Designer. For more information on printing and previewing in Spread Designer, refer to Printing a Sheet in the Spread Designer Guide.

Sheets are printed on the current default printer in your Windows environment unless you specify otherwise. You can print sheets on any Windows-supported printer.

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