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Managing Events from User Actions
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This topic summarizes which events are raised for each user action on the Spread component. While it is not a comprehensive list of every action that the user could possibly perform, it details the events for most of the common actions performed by the user.

The types of user actions are organized as follows:

The lists provided in these sections are an attempt to illustrate the sequence of events that are raised for typical actions. Since some actions occur all the time or repeatedly for any of these actions, we have left off some of these actions from the lists. For example, these lists do not include MouseMove, MouseHover, MouseEnter, MouseLeave, Invalidated, and CursorChanged events.

In general, if you are looking for a way to intercept each change that occurs in a cell, the EditChange event is raised for each keystroke the user makes as they are typing data into a cell.

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