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The Spread component provides the models that provide a basis for much of the customization that is possible with the component. The models are the underlying template from which the more commonly used shortcut objects are derived.

The shortcut objects access the underlying models. When you work with shortcut objects, you are actually working with the models in the component. For example, if you change the number of columns in a sheet using the Sheets shortcut object, the model for this (the default sheet axis model) is updated with that information.

To provide different features or customize the behavior or appearance of your application, you can extend the models to create new classes. For example you may do this to create a template component for all the developers in your organization. By creating your own class based on one of the models, you can create a customized class and provide it to all the developers to use.

Use the object models for the following benefits:

For more information about the underlying models and how to use them, refer to Understanding the Underlying Models.

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