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Creating a Pie Plot
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You can create a pie plot chart using code or the designer. The following image shows a Pie Plot type chart.

Point Chart, example of Pie plot

For details on the API, see PiePlotArea class.

The following class is also available when creating Pie plot type charts:

Using Code

  1. Use the PieSeries class to add data to a Chart control.
  2. Use the PiePlotArea class to create the plot area.
  3. Set the location and size of the plot area.
  4. Add the series to the plot area.
  5. Create a label and legend for the chart.
  6. Create a chart model and add the plot area, label, and legend to the model.
  7. Create a chart and add the chart model to it.


The following example demonstrates using unbound data to create a Pie chart.

C# Copy Code
PieSeries series = new PieSeries();
series.SeriesName = "Series 0";
PiePlotArea plotArea = new PiePlotArea();
plotArea.Location = new PointF(0.2f, 0.2f);
plotArea.Size = new SizeF(0.6f, 0.6f);
LabelArea label = new LabelArea();
label.Text = "Pie Chart";
label.Location = new PointF(0.5f, 0.02f);
label.AlignmentX = 0.5f;
label.AlignmentY = 0.0f;
LegendArea legend = new LegendArea();
legend.Location = new PointF(0.98f, 0.5f);
legend.AlignmentX = 1.0f;
legend.AlignmentY = 0.5f;
ChartModel model = new ChartModel();
chart2DControl1.Model = model;
VB Copy Code
Dim series As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.PieSeries()
series.SeriesName = "Series 0"
Dim plotArea As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.PiePlotArea()
plotArea.Location = New PointF(0.2F, 0.2F)
plotArea.Size = New SizeF(0.6F, 0.6F)
Dim label As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.LabelArea()
label.Text = "Pie Chart"
label.Location = New PointF(0.5F, 0.02F)
label.AlignmentX = 0.5F
label.AlignmentY = 0.0F
Dim legend As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.LegendArea()
legend.Location = New PointF(0.98F, 0.5F)
legend.AlignmentX = 1.0F
legend.AlignmentY = 0.5F
Dim model As New FarPoint.Win.Chart.ChartModel()
chart2DControl1.Model = model

Using the Chart Designer

  1. Select the PlotArea Collection editor.
  2. Click the drop-down button on the right side of the Add button (lower, left side of dialog).
  3. Select the PiePlotArea option and set properties as needed.
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