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ActiveReports Developer provides fully integrated Visual Studio components which combine user-friendly visual controls with the low-level control of code in Visual Studio .NET programming languages to provide a powerful report designer.

In This Documentation

Welcome to ActiveReports Developer 7 
This guide provides basic information on installing and using the product, as well as support, licensing, and what's new.
License Your ActiveReports 
This topic walks you through how to license your machine and how to add licensing to any projects created during your evaluation.
Upgrading Reports
This topic provides information about upgrading reports from ActiveReports 6 and Data Dynamics Reports, and about converting MS Access Reports and Crystal Reports with the Import Wizard.
Getting Started
This section provides an overview of the interface and where to find everything you need to get started designing reports.
This section provides information on what you can do with ActiveReports.
How To
This section provides step-by-step instructions for many features.
Samples and Walkthroughs
This section provides a description of the samples available with ActiveReports and step-by-step walkthroughs explaining key features.
This section provides troubleshooting symptoms, causes, and solutions to commonly encountered issues.

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