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Glossary Item Box

The FormattedText report control can perform mail merge operations, plus it displays richly formatted text in XHTML. To format text in the FormattedText report control, enter XHTML code into the Html property.

ShowSupported XHTML Tags

If you use valid HTML tags that are not in this list, ActiveReports ignores them.

Important: All text used in the Html property must be enclosed in <body></body> tags.
Tag Description
<%MergeFieldName%> Inserts a mail merge field.
<!-- -- > Defines a comment
<!DOCTYPE> Defines the document type
<a> Defines an anchor
<abbr> Defines an abbreviation
<acronym> Defines an acronym
<address> Defines an address element
<b> Defines bold text
<base /> Defines a base URL for all the links in a page
<bdo> Defines the direction of text display
<big> Defines big text
<blockquote> Defines a long quotation
<body> Defines the body element (Required)
<br /> Inserts a single line break
<caption> Defines a table caption
<center> Defines centered text
<cite> Defines a citation
<code> Defines computer code text
<col> Defines attributes for table columns
<dd> Defines a definition description
<del> Defines deleted text
<dir> Defines a directory list
<div> Defines a section in a document
<dfn> Defines a definition term
<dl> Defines a definition list
<dt> Defines a definition term
<em> Defines emphasized text
<h1> to <h6> Defines header 1 to header 6
<head> Defines information about the document
<hr /> Defines a horizontal rule
<html> Defines an html document
<i> Defines italic text
<img /> Defines an image
<ins> Defines inserted text
<kbd> Defines keyboard text
<li> Defines a list item
<map> Defines an image map
<menu> Defines a menu list
<ol> Defines an ordered list
<p> Defines a paragraph
<pre> Defines preformatted text
<q> Defines a short quotation
<s> Defines strikethrough text
<samp> Defines sample computer code
<small> Defines small text
<span> Defines a section in a document
<strike> Defines strikethrough text
<strong> Defines strong text
<style> Defines a style definition
<sub> Defines subscripted text
<sup> Defines superscripted text
<table> Defines a table
<tbody> Defines a table body
<td> Defines a table cell
<tfoot> Defines a table footer
<th> Defines a table header
<thead> Defines a table header
<tr> Defines a table row
<tt> Defines teletype text
<u> Defines underlined text
<ul> Defines an unordered list
Caution: To enter & in the HTML property, you need to use &amp;.

Formatted Text Dialog

Properties for the FormattedText report control are available in the Formatted Text dialog. To open it, with the control selected on the report, under the Properties Window, click the Property dialog link.

The Formatted Text dialog lets you set properties on the report control with the following page.

ShowMail Merge

Click the plus sign button to add a new mail merge field to the FormattedText, and delete them using the X button. Once you add one or more fields, you can reorder them using the arrow buttons.

Field: Enter a name for the field that is unique within the report. This is used in the Html property inside <%FieldName%> tags to display the field in the formatted text.

Value: Enter an expression to pull data into the control for mail merge operations. 

Here is a very simple example of HTML code that you can use to add mail merge fields to formatted text. This example assumes that you have added two mail merge fields named Field1 and Field2.

Paste this code in the Html property of the FormattedText control. Copy Code
<body><p>This is <%Field1/%> and this is <%Field2/%>.</p></body>

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