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The WebViewer control that is licensed with the Professional Edition allows you to quickly display reports in Web applications.

Once you drop the control onto a Web Form, you can look in the Visual Studio Properties grid and select the ViewerType that you want to use.

The WebViewer control supports the following types:

To use the WebViewer control

  1. In a Visual Studio Web Application, add the WebViewer control to the Visual Studio toolbox. See Adding ActiveReports Controls for more information.
  2. While in Design view of an ASPX page, from the toolbox, drag the WebViewer control and drop it on the page.
  3. With the WebViewer control selected, in the Properties grid, select the ViewerType you want to use. The viewer displays any prerequisites for using the selected ViewerType.
  4. To bind a report to the WebViewer, do one of the following:
    • Set the ReportName property to the name of a report within your solution.
      Note: Alternatively, you can set the ReportName property programmatically to a new instance of an ActiveReport class. For example:
      VB code: WebViewer.ReportName="YourReport.rpx"
      C# code: WebViewer.ReportName="YourReport.rpx";
  5. You must also Configure HTTPHandlers in IIS 6.x on your server so that IIS knows how to associate ActiveReports files in the browser.
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