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The Line report control can be used to visually separate data regions in a report layout. You can set properties in the Properties grid or the Line Dialog to control the appearance of the line, and to control when the line is rendered.

Line Dialog

Properties for the Line are available in the Line dialog. To open it, with the Line control selected on the report, under the Properties Window, click the Property dialog link.

The Line dialog lets you set properties on the report control with the following pages.


Name: Enter a name for the line that is unique within the report. This name can be called in code.


The Visibility page of the Line dialog allows you to control the following items:

Initial visibility

  • Visible: The line is visible when the report runs.
  • Hidden: The line is hidden when the report runs.
  • Expression: Use an expression with a Boolean result to decide whether the line is visible. True for hidden, False for visible.

Visibility can be toggled by another report control: Select this check box to display a toggle image next to another report control. This enables the drop-down box below where you can specify the report control that toggles the visibility of the line. The user can click the toggle item to show or hide this line.


Document map label: Enter an expression to use as a label to represent this item in the table of contents (document map). 

Bookmark ID: Enter an expression to use as a locator for this line. You will then be able to provide a bookmark link to this item from another report control using a Jump to bookmark action.

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