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Plain Text is a format that opens in Notepad or Microsoft Excel depending on the file extension you use in the filePath parameter of the Export method. Use the extension .txt to open files in Notepad, or use .csv to open comma separated value files in Excel. The Text export filter has a number of useful properties that allow you to control your output. You can set the properties either in code using the TextExport object after adding reference to the following assembly in your project, or by selecting the object in the toolbox and adding it to the component tray below the Form which automatically adds this assembly to the project:

ShowText Export Properties

Property Valid Values Description
Encoding System.Text.ASCIIEncoding (default), System.Text.UnicodeEncoding, System.Text.UTF7Encoding, or System.Text.UTF8Encoding This property can only be set in code. Enter an enumerated system encoding value to use for character encoding.
PageDelimiter String Enter a character or sequence of characters to mark the end of each page.
SuppressEmptyLines True (default) or False Set to False if you want to keep empty lines in the exported text file. Otherwise, white space is removed.
TextDelimiter String Enter a character or sequence of characters to mark the end of each text field. This is mainly for use with CSV files that you open in Excel.



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