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The Map data region is a professional edition feature that shows your business data against a geographical background. You can create different types of map, depending on the type of information you want to communicate in your report.

This topic will guide you through the following procedures:

Basic Elements

The Map data region consists of the following basic elements:




Distance Scale

Color Scale

Map Dialog

Properties for the Map are available in the Map dialog. To open it, with the Map control selected on the report, under the Properties Window, click the Property dialog link.

The Map dialog lets you set properties on the report control with the following pages.

Note: You can select <Expression...> within these properties to create an expression to determine the value.




Data Output


A map is a collection of layers that display data on the map control.

A map can have one or more layers. You can load these layers on top of each other to create a more detailed map. For example, a polygon layer can represent the borders of a country, a line can represent transportation routes, a point can represent the locations and a tile can add a virtual earth background on the map. See, Use Layers for more information.

Map layer element appearance:

Map Layer Data Dialog

The Map layer Data dialog is used to set up spatial and analytical data for the map control. For more information on spatial and analytical data, see Work with Data

To access Map Layer Data Properties dialog

  1. Click the map until the map panes appears.
  2. Right click the layers pane and select Add <layerName> Layer. This adds a new layer to the map and opens the Map Layer Data Properties dialog

Or, in case you already have a layer added to the map control, then follow these steps:

  1. Click the map until the map panes appears.
  2. In the layer pane, right-click the existing layer and select Layer Data to open Map Layer Data Properties dialog.


Analytical Data


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