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Reports with Map
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You can create a page report that contains a map using the ActiveReports Map control. The Map data region shows your data on a geographical background. This walkthrough illustrates how to create a report that uses a Map to display data.

The walkthrough is split into the following activities:

Note: This walkthrough use tables from the Reels database. By default, in ActiveReports, the Reels.mdb file is located in the [User Documents folder]\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports 8\Data folder.

When you complete this walkthrough you get a layout that looks similar to the following at design time and at runtime.

Design Time Layout

Runtime Layout

To add an ActiveReport to the Visual Studio project

To connect the report to a data source

To add a dataset

To add a Map data region and configure its data

To configure appearance of the Map

To view the report

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