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Export a Page Report (Rendering Extension)
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You can use the rendering extensions for Image, HTML, PDF, XML or Word to render a page report in any of the supported formats. See Rendering for details on rendering formats.

The following steps provide an example of rendering a report in the format.

  1. In Visual Studio, create a new Windows Forms Application or open an existing one containing a Page Report.
  2. Copy and place the Page Report in the project's Debug folder. 
  3. On the Form.cs or Form.vb that opens, double-click the title bar to create the Form_Load event.
  4. Add the following code inside the Form_Load event.

To write the code in Visual Basic.NET

To write the code in C#

Note: The code above works for any supported rendering format. Simply, replace the instances of PDF with the specific rendering format type and use the desired rendering extension.

Note: By default, the image rendering extension creates a separate file for each page in a report and adds an index to each corresponding file name (for example, image001.PNG, image002.PNG, etc).

To render the entire report as a single image, set the Pagination setting to False.


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