ActiveReports 8
Section Report Concepts

There are a number of concepts that only apply to section reports.

In this section

Section Report Toolbox
This section provides information on each of the report controls available in the ActiveReports 8 Section Report group of the Visual Studio toolbox.
Section Report Structure
Learn about the report structure in a section layout.
Section Report Events
Learn about events that you can use to customize section reports.
Scripting in Section Reports 
Learn how to use scripts in a section layout.
Report Settings Dialog
See the various options provided in Report Settings dialog.
Grouping Data in Section Reports
Learn about grouping data in section layout.
Date, Time, and Number Formatting
Learn how you can customize formatting with .NET strings.
Optimizing Section Reports
Learn about ways to optimize section reports to reduce memory consumption and increase speed.
CacheToDisk and Resource Storage
Learn about IsolatedStorage and other considerations when you use CacheToDisk to reduce memory consumption.
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